Perfume diffuser Cannabis garden

Perfume diffuser Cannabis garden

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Cannabis Garden perfume diffuser Succumb to a fragrance that is the epitome of elegance and luxury. This intoxicating fragrance with intense tones of a Persian frankincense mix will perfectly scent your interior. A virtual trip to a garden with blooming violets, irises and intoxicating jasmine will take you through your senses to the mysterious landscapes of the Far East. Despite the strong floral and incense tones, the fragrance will surprisingly refresh you with bergamot orange and cedar. Powerful cannabis is complemented by healing wormwood and a touch of amber. This vibrating fragrance is very seductive.

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1. Unscrew the collar, carefully remove the plug and screw the collar back on.
2. Insert the rattan sticks into the bottle.



It gradually releases a pleasant scent while covering undesirable odors.

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